Bad CPU?

I'm working on a Compaq Presario SR5507F with an AMD Athlon X2 4050e processor. The guy says he left home for a week and left it on, came home to find the air conditioning in his house had went out, (over 97 degrees in the house daily), and his PC was off. If you hit the power button, NOTHING happens. The little green light comes on on the back of the power supply when you plug it in, but that's it. I removed the power supply and tested it...seems ok. Put it back in and jumpered the 'power supply on' connection. With this, the PS fan and the CPU fan work, and the power button light on the front of the PC comes on, but it won't even try to boot. I am assuming the processor has fried. I guess my question is, where in the world do I found a new processor for this thing. I have only been able to find it on e-bay, but I don't want used. If it's no longer available, what can I upgrade it to? It's an AM2 socket.
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  1. More likely that the motherboard or PSU fried.
  2. Thanks for the input. I tested the power supply, and all seems well. I found and decided to buy a used CPU for 30 bucks. If it works, great. If it doesn't, then the guy is just gonna buy a new PC as he doesn't want to spend more than it's worth to fix this one as it's 4 years old. Thanks again, and I'll try to remember to share the results.
  3. [...] zl48ykei_b

    There are a lot of AMD cpus to choose from on Amazon and they do have the samecpu but at a high price. the chart below gives the order of ranking of cpus and the Athalon x2 4050e is at the bottom so any cpu that will fit in the AM2 socket would be an upgrade. [...] 106-5.html

    This could be a choice. [...] lon+x2+am2
  4. Thanks inzone. I learned while researching the processor that it's pretty low on the food chain, but to keep the cost down for this guy, (and to get his business instead of watching him buy a new PC), I opted for a cheap used replacement 4050 off e-bay from a reputed seller.
  5. Thanks inzone. I know it's a dog, but I'm trying to keep the cost down so I get the work as opposed to him just buying a new PC. All he does is check emsil on it anyways.
  6. Maybe he'll have you build a new Pc or upgrade the old one to a better working e-mail Pc.
  7. A low cost fix will keep him coming ack and soon he'll have you build a new Pc for him.
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    Bad CPU?
  9. Well, installed a new CPU with no joy. Looks like it's the motherboard. The best I can do for him now, keeping his cost low, is retrieve his data and tell him to go ahead and buy a new PC. I hope one of my external hard drives is SATA.
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