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Okay so I bought a VGA cable to hook up my laptop to my TV and everything was going great then one day out of the blue it stops working and the screen just goes blank on the TV. So I buy a slightly more expensive VGA cable and it's back to working fine until the same thing happens a month or so later. I'm not sure if its my laptop or TV which is causing the problem. Any ideas?? Please help! Thanks.
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  1. I'd be surprised if it was a problem with the cable itself. All failed cables I've seen tend to behave very strangely as they are coming apart inside (scrambled video signal, green tints to everything etc).

    Try using the same VGA cable to plug your laptop into another monitor or tv. Should help to isolate the problem.
  2. Sir
    I would like to purchase same kind of cable so can help me to were from i can purchase
    second thing is that can i use this cabel as tvtuner in for internal tv tuner card or can be record its signal
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