Invest in Desktop or go with a Notebook?

Hi everyone!

I spent a lot of time reading stuff here, and now I have a question myself.
For now, I have a desktop pc. Specs:

Intel pentium E5200 @2.5Ghz
Sapphire Radeon 5770
3GB RAM 800Mhz
HP motherboard (yes, it's a cheap pc with a 5770 in it)

But I'm thinking about going for a notebook, as I'm going to college in 1 year. I'm a casual gamer, playing games like the sims 3, GTA IV (and EFLC), Battlefield BC2, Battlefield 3, Need for speed Shift,...

What should I do? Think about upgrading the mobo, processor and ram in my current system or just sell al of this and go for a notebook?
Also, I just received a netbook from my girlfriend because she didn't use it. But it's a bit slow (Intel atom n270, 160gb HDD, 1gb ram).

So, should I sell my pc and buy a decent notebook instead of the netbook?
or, should I keep my pc, upgrade it and keep the netbook for college?
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  1. Well, if you don't mind not playing on the highest possible graphics, you can invest around 1000-1500 in a decent gaming laptop and use it for college as well.
  2. Well, I can't play any game maxed out with my E5200, so I don't mind because I'm not used to it. :P
    Also, I'm not from America and don't have that much money (actually I do, but as I'm still young my parents tell me how much to spend)
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