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Hello everyone,

I need some help with upgrading my graphics card,i have a hp d5700 microtower and integrated Intel 963 chipset,the probem is that my mobo has 2x PCI slots,1X PCI-e x1 and 1x PCI-e x16 only for SDVO/ADD2
what's the best PCI or PCI-e x1 graphics card for system
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  1. Well It sort of depends. I don't have any experience with PCI Video cards. However my friend has a BFG PCI slot Graphics card (forgot the model number). and he braggs about it when i'm over. I gave him a GTX 550 ti to run in his low end gaming rig. I have seen only one PCI Express x1video card and its not the highest low end card but itl do if your not gonna be playing the latest games on the highest settings but you might can squeeze for low.
    Probably your best option. and to me thats only good enough to run as a display card to dodge onboard video

    If possible i highly recommend you trying getting one for the X16 and put what ever the is in the X16 on ebay and get the x1 version of it
  2. Thanks for your help,
    but I was doing a little research and I found this
    I don't know a lot about this,are the performance of the graphics card better if you use this instead of a PCI-e x1 graphics card,
    and what do you think about this card
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