Recommendations for a wireless keyboard and mouse for my homebuild?

Right now I have the HP wireless elite desktop k & m. The mouse gets interference even 4-5 feet away at times and will lag or skip around, and my pc has wired Internet. I also have it plugged into the front of my pc.

I want a relatively small / normal sized keyboard and mouse that is wireless (I play from my couch). It should get no interference up to 15 feet. I want to be able to plug it into the back of my pc, and it should be sufficient for playing diablo 3.... Does this exist?

I have USB 3.0 ports if that makes any difference
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  1. Would a Logitech g700 plus a k800 serve my needs good?
  2. I have had numerous wireless keyboards and mice..... I have had better luck with the Logitech Bluetooth models than any others. But frankly, they are all a PITA....

    ..... batteries die, connection gets lost and has to be re-established. I'm back to using only wired units and much happier.....wireless is just too "high maintenance".

    This is what I'm using now

    Keyboard - $ 100 - Logitech G510
    Mouse - $ 55 - Logitech G500

    This is the best wireless that I have used but still.....too high maintenance ..... hate having the batteries die in the middle of something

    $146 - Logitech MX 5500 Revolution Black Bluetooth Cordless Desktop Standard keyboard & Mouse Kit
  3. 1+ On the longitec I have longitec and it works great.
  4. Yeah the 5500 revolution seems nice...

    Will the 800 DPI mouse be ok for a game like diablo 3?

    Also, will the Bluetooth work if I use a rear USB slot... To free up my 2 front slots?

    Thanks guys
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