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Hi all, I have a nVidia GeForce 7300 GS and it overheats a lot now, so I bought a new replacement - Gigabyte nVidia 8400 GS HDMI Edition off Amazon, used but came like it was new. I fitted it a couple of minutes later, and when it boots, it comes up with the Compaq logo in a red oval with the usual text "F10 - System Recovery, ESC - Boot menu" Etc etc. I left it to do its job, and waited. It did nothing, I gave it 5 minutes and it was still stuck on the screen, the nVidia GeForce 7300 GS Works fine although it crashes on games (Overheats) - Never overclocked it or anything.
Computer: Compaq Presario, SR1000 Series
1 Gigabyte Ram, 2x Hard drives, 150GB SeaGate & 200GB Western Digital
2x CD drivers, 1x card reader etc etc..
Graphics (Current): nVidia GeForce 7300 GS
Graphics (Upgrade): Gigabyte nVidia GeForce 8400 GS.
(The gigabyte uses nVidia GPU), I contacted Compaq and they said to try get a new card, the one I got was 20.00 (15 + 5 P&P), for a new it was 25 (20 + 5 P&P), I don't know what's wrong, there was something about it requiring a power lead or something, but my current just slots in and it's off!

P.S The gigabyte requires 300 Watts (Label at back says 250V to computer)
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  1. its time to get a new card. That cards final boot up should have been a year ago. i'd say the best card to replace it would be at GTS 450 or lower. If you not doing any gaming at just use it for display. a GT 430 or 6770 would be sufficient
  2. What PSU and CPU do you have?
    If your're using the stock PSU and CPU you'll most likely need to upgrade both.

    And another 1GB of ram wouldn't hurt.
  3. First, return the card and get your money back.

    Second, don't waste money on a new card for your system, it looks to have an AGP slot for video and the 1 gig RAM is not enough for games really.

    Get a used dual-core PC with a PCIe slot, and a low end gaming video card. Should cost under $200 for the pair. Can probably find a nice used video card out there, just make sure you try it out first. You will up your speed by 20x and will only spend 3-4 times what upgrading your current PC will cost.
  4. Bleh old technology. UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE! heh sorry.
  5. Haha, Yeah, It's a pci-e x16 slot, and got another gig ram stick (So will have 2.5 GB, Because I had 2x 512MB), Got myself a new nVidia GeForce 8400GS @ 512MB, Which is pretty good, but I have a second question
    Does anyone know why I get mini lag spikes (Sometimes they're massive) in Minecraft 1.1, As I do like to play Minecraft, It's alright on Minimum settings on Superflat worlds, but when it comes to all defaults, it just lags every 5-10 seconds.
    And to the person who said get a used dual core pc,
    I think mine might be a Dual Core Pentium D, as according to the specs, don't fully know, but it runs at a pretty decent 2.6 GHz. It may be old technology but with this new card and ram (Which I'll fit this saturday), it's actually quite good, does the job, runs games pretty well, I don't look to play EXTREME GAMES like Battlefield or whatever other game you can mention that's the most extreme, I just run a couple of games online, Minecraft and maybe a few other CD games, and ofc Downloaded games (Legal obviously, trials duh or sometimes full if they're either sponsored or if it's one of them free games up for testing etc etc).

    May I say hang-the-9, I'm from UK. But no worries. A family relative gave me the GeForce 8400 (The one that works) so it was free for me, wasn't used much for gaming, HD like the Gigabyte one, And the Gigabyte uses GDDR2, I think my comp only likes DDR2 graphic mem.
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