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Is this normal, low fps?

I have this graphics card
along with this PSU
in this pc
I tried playing Tera however I'm only getting a max of about 20-25 fps on this highest setting. Is there something I should replace to get higher fps?
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    I'm assuming this game here?

    First thing that jumps out at me is this is in beta stage. Until its ready to go it could be poor programming they are working on. Second, at what res are you playing? Detail settings? If you are trying to do 1080 with max details, neither your CPU or GPU is really designed for that. The CPU isn't that far off, but the GPU will have a lot of issues with max/high shadow levels, etc.
  2. +1. It may not be reasonable to expect your system to play that game on it's highest settings at 1080p. I don't really think there is an easy fix for you to get more performance. You could swap your motherboard for an AM3+ board that does CF in order to overclock your CPU and add another 6850. Of course, that would also require you to get another copy of win 7 since that copy is tied to your OEM HP board :p
  3. :ouch: Weird it seemed just restarting my pc helped I feel stupid maybe I was running too many programs? I'm not sure. But I did turn down the shadows a bit and I'm now around 40-50fps which is good enough for me. Thank you for your time I was playing on 1600x900 resolution and the settings were 4/6 thats what the game was auto detecting. If you don't mind what would I be looking to upgrade to if I wanted to completely max out settings?

    -->edit: Last question was answered by the last poster thank you guys for the help I'll def be looking to upgrade before the game launches no sure how well I'll do in instances if I don't thank you again
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  5. Just something to keep in mind. Current ATI cards tend to get locked at a different clock speed for different tasks(this saves power). I do not have a recent enough Nvidia card to test this with.

    That said, your web browsers hardware acceleration may in fact drop the cards speed(example a 5770 and 5870 will drop from 850 to 400 if a flash[like youtube] video is left open in the background, it will stay that low even if you are in a game). Flash or other videos(PowerDVD/Media Center ect) will do the same thing.

    It is best to close all open browsers or video players before playing any game.
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