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Hello all, lately I have had this weird problem with my graphics card, I cant pin down whether the problem is hardware or software related. The issue is whenever im navigating around my computer, or in firefox or anything really random squares of "artifacts" show up in random places on my screen, they arnt too bad and dont affect my performance really, but after awhile they start to pile up and take over the screen. The artifacts didnt show up on the screen while I was playing games and didnt affect the performance of my games either.
At first I thought that my graphics card was going bad, I decided to test this by running it through a stress test in 3d mark vantage. It performed as good as ever and seemed to be performing normal.
The problem ended up getting kind of annoying and getting to the point of me having to restart my computer often to fix it.
I had tried running my computer on my copy of windows 8 developer (which is on my other hard drive) and their is no sign of the issue AT ALL when im running in windows 8...Unfortunately though since its windows 8 developer i cant get anything to run right on it and cant get games to work on it.
I ended up on windows 7 again and found out that I can fix the problem by going to device manager, going down to display adapters (which with an ATI 5970 shows up with 2 different display adapters, im not sure if this is because im running dual monitors or if its because its a dual gpu card) but if I uninstall the the drivers to the second display adapter and then reinstall them the problem is fixed for a few hours and everything runs great with no artifacts.
After doing that process for a few days I have been playing more games again lately (mostly battlefield 3) and the artifacts would sometimes show up in game, but of course not affect performance. if it was bothering me i would go and uninstall and reinstall the driver again and everything would be fine.
But today whenever I try to go play battlefield 3 the artifacts would just swarm my screen and freeze my computer when the game goes into fullscreen and i would have to reset the computer.
The trick where I uninstall the driver isnt working anymore either.
Anyone have any ideas on a possible fix? or anything? im out of ideas.
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  1. would check the graphic card with another one,a part of it could be out since you got dual gpu on it
  2. the 5970 has 2 gpu's on one card
  3. been looking to bf3 forum and amd no sign of artefacts that means one of the gpu is defective on your card ask for rma
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