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Just got hd radeon 6970 bur computer will not recognize

I just bought a new psu for my asus cg1330-5 computer and a new ati radeon 6970 hd graphics card. I think i properly hooked it up and i can hear the graphics cards fan so i know its getting power but when i try to install the drivers from the cd, a message pops up and says "xfx has not recognized any product installed". I went to the program manager and refreshed it to see if i could see the graphics card but i cant. I dont know what to do? take it to geek squad?
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  1. How are you getting video? Running off another video card?

    Did you hook up all the power connectors to the video card?

    Can also try a BIOS upgrade.
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    Probably has something to do with the 300 Watt PSU you have in the system.... Try upgrading to a higher watt PSU (550w+).
  3. +1^ Should have looked up specs before I posted, very likely it's the weaker power supply.
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