New, First Home build, Pics and Descriptions inside(ISSUE HELP)

I posted this in New Builds but I feel like it may get a response here as I got none there, and I think this may be more for finished builds whereas the other board is for buying parts and such.

Hello forum users, My name is Rob, I'm a 21 year old college student and I've loved computers my whole life. I took AP comp Sci in high school, some python and software classes in college, and I work editing video for 2 local shows. I wanted a new computer to do some editing that I couldn't do at the studio, and I wanted it to be powerful enough to do some decent editing not to long down the line. So I went to the closest microcenter to me, which isn't that close, and I picked out parts with the help of some of my more hardware inclined friends, and the tech who worked there, and proceeded to take my computer home and build it. After all was said and done I went to turn the thing on and virtually nothing happened. It appears to turn on for a split second(fans click once or twice, lights flash, the HDD LED turns on) but thats about it. I can list all the spec's and take pictures if needed, I just really need some help with this, as I need it for work.

Here are the specs

AMD FX 8 Core 3.1 16mega bit Processor
ASrock 990FX Extreme4 Socket AM3+ 990X ATX AMD Motherboard
Antec Nine Hundred Two Case
EVGA GTX560 Ti Video Card
Corsair Vengence DDR3-1600 2x4GB Ram
Seasonic X series - 660w Power Supply
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 plus - Heat Sink
Western Digital Black 1tb 7200 RPM Hard Drive

As I said I can take pictures, and so I will, but I thought I'd post this first as it may be something I'm just unaware of from those parts. Bear with me while I take pics, All I have is my cellphone.


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  1. I have had similar problems with my machine, there were different issues both times, the first time I was using a 4 pin 12v cable in an 8 pin socket motherboard (the cord the supplements the 24 pin, plugs in near the cpu, most power supplys seem to have both), and the second time, I reseated the memory and it worked, though it did seem weird that that solved it (I think.) hope that helps.
  2. try reseating the memory,

    If not, pull RAM out and put one stick in at a time...

    From there, start working your way down:

    Unplug HDDs/cdrom , Remove any expansion cards, remove video card, remove RAM. Removing the RAM should give you some narly beep sounds.. if thats the case, then you got some bad RAM.
  3. Nothing has worked. I re-did all the wires, reseated the ram, and aside from someone telling me I could be "grounding to the case" I can't think of anything else
  4. I would bread board it.. Pull Motherboard out.. put on wooden desk (or breadboard) hook up necessary cables (PSU, monitor, keyboard) and put in CPU. Turn it on.. with no RAM, you should hear beeps. Put one stick in.. see if you can get it to post.
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