GPU detection problems on my notebook

I have reinstalled windows on my notebook an it cant detect nvidia graphic card (GT 520M) anymore. notebook model is samsung NP300V5AH. can anyone help me?
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  1. Have you tried going to nvidia's site and downloading drivers? My guess is that if you go there and download/install the drivers for your 520M, Windows will recognize it.
  2. yes i did. but it doesn't work, i tried samsung's official page but still same error = ((
  3. What error are you getting? What does it say when you look in the device manager under display adapters?
  4. can't detect nvidia video adapter or something like that, i don't remember exactly, now i'm trying to do something from BIOS
  5. That's weird... still sounds like a driver problem to me. If it's not a problem related to the drivers, I'm afraid I don't have any other great ideas; perhaps others will have better suggestions.
  6. Holy . i restarted notebook and retried to install driver and installed without any problem. it began working properly. = ))
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