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Quiet computer case with carrying handle

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a sturdy, low-noise, quiet computer case with a carrying handle that's both water-cooling and fan-cooling capable; additional extravagance not necessary. It's not necessary to have a window for neon or anything alike. This is for business use. Would like moderately low pricing. Thank you.
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  2. I don't like my company provided desktop PC. I prefer desktop to laptops. Along the way I hope to convince my employer benefits of performance.
  3. So you can carry it around in other words?
  4. Yes.
  5. Hows the second case link i posted?
  6. The Antec 300 Three Hundred has no carrying case.

    Very likely I will go with the Cooler Master Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP.

    However I will have to disable the neon lights. Thank you!
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