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I will be using the computer for high end gaming as well as video editing with sony vegas and adobe after effects, I will also use photoshop with the computer which would be best the LGA 1155 I7 2600K or the LGA 2011 3930K I will be overclocking no matter which I get
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  1. After Effects is a very RAM-hungry program from what I've been told - if that's the case you're better off going with the 3930K, or even the i7-3820. LGA 2011 allows for maximum 64GB RAM where the limit on most Z68 motherboards is 16GB RAM with some allowing for 32GB RAM with a BIOS update.
  2. Both are going to be blazing fast when overclocked. Maybe you see a slight increase from the 3930k doing some intense work, but both are great processors). The big difference will be dual channel memory vs quad channel. Quad channel increases memory performance by around 10%. Can't recall the exact number at the moment.

    I would opt for the 2600k and use the additional budget for fast, low latency memory (CL7, 1.5v modules) and a fast disk solution (PCIe or upper tier SSD). Low latency memory and a fast disk solution would benefit you more than the difference between those two processors.
  3. gaming wise you will see a single digit difference in fps but with your work I do suggest getting a big ram with the lga 2011, but if you cannot afford the 3930k without sacrificing any performance then the i7 2600k would suit you I believe.
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