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Recently i built a PC for a friend who does stock trading and stuff like that. Due to the nature of his business he wanted a 12monitor setup; fair enough...

Initially it appeared to worked fine, however now its giving some problems. The display driver crashes and recovers, or sometimes the displays crash and resets resolution. Most of the time it runs pretty slow (even idling at the desktop) and windows keeps giving warnings on slow performance.

I've cleaned and updated the display drivers but no luck. I'm monitoring the CPU, RAM, and GPU stats and it doesnt appear to be straining. is this an adapter issue? Is his resolution too high? not enough VRAM?

his specs:

2 x HD6870 2gb with 6 mini-dp on each card
16gb ram
1920x1080 res
StarTech MDP2DVIS active adaptor

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  1. If you are using 12 DP->DVI adapters then it could be one or more of the adapters 'going bad'. I've had one adapter out of five of those type die on me over the last two years. When it was dying it would flicker or turn off and I'd get a display link error. It would also sometimes cut out and windows would make the "dee dunk" sound and my resolution would reset. When I replaced that particular adapter everything was perfect again. I'm not sure if you have the same symptoms though since you are getting driver crashes which I was not.

    How long did it run well initially? Like a month? Or just a couple days?

    Edit: Also - Is he trying to game with it? Or is it just crashing with regular windows desktop?
  2. thank you for the swift reply :)

    im not entirely certain how well it worked, but i suppose it worked well enough for him not to call me. i'd say maybe a few weeks before he told me it had issues.

    my first guess is also an adapter issue, but the thing that is throwing me off is the extremely slow system performance. windows keeps telling me system performance is low, even though im just staring at a black desktop.

    CPU and GPU looks good though. however, the cards are set to reach a memory clock rate of 1120MHz while in HIGH PERFORMANCE mode, and upon looking and usage the card is currently at HIGH PERFORMANCE mode (just the memory clock not the gpu clock) even though im not doing anything.

    Also no he does not game at all with this computer. He strictly uses it for business. Im not too sure what stock trading entails but i assume its a bunch of lists and numbers like excel lol. he uses all 12 monitors to display info.

    the actual crashing happens while he is trading and stuff.

    thank you
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