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I'm new and building my own PC.
I'm planning to include two cpu's, both Intel i7-3960X. I'm also planning to have as much RAM as possible. Using Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit, x64) as my OS with the RAM limitations being 192 GB

As shown here:

However my Processors support up to 64 GB

Question) Would that be 64 GB RAM per Processor? Being a total of 128 GB RAM Limit?

Yeah, this is probably gonna confuse a lot of you

By the way, NO Budget limitations, I saved up a lot over time and a have a very high paying jobs as a former lawyer.

BTW if this is a double post, I tried posting it on my other email and it didn't work, not sure why?
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  1. what motherboard do you have? that will post a limit

    err... to run more than 1 cpu at once your gonna have to go xeon, thats the highest of the high consumer grade and it only supports 1 cpu at a time
  2. ...whats the point? Really? Its not like that RAM's actually going to be used.
  3. gamerk316 said:
    ...whats the point? Really? Its not like that RAM's actually going to be used.

    i think it's one of those "look at what i have" sort of things
  4. nna2 said:
    i think it's one of those "look at what i have" sort of things

    The only thing I can think of is that it's for a rendering station or for running a TON of VM's at the same time, but even then, 192GB would be insane overkill.

    AND, as nna2 said, you can ONLY use Xeon's in a dual CPU configuration (for an Intel system). NO other Intel CPU's besides Xeon's are able to be used in a dual CPU setup.
  5. Okay so I decided to change it to a Xeon Processor

    This model to be exact:

    BUT, even though it's a server processor, can it be used as a regular desktop CPU, as long as I can find a motherboard to case it?
  6. Whats this for? If your not making somekind of crazy uber porn streaming server farm its overkill.
  7. Yes.

    I still question your usage, but I suppose that doesn't REALLY matter. That's one HELL of a CPU for any other use but a server, though.
  8. Quote:
    It would really be helpful to know what you want to do with your pc. In order to run dual cpus, you do need Xeon E5 series processors. They will both have quad channels so you can run 8-16 sticks of memory. That processor is probably overkill for your build unless its for a sever. Its also over 4 grand. Not necessary unless you have really deep pockets. 128gb of memory will cost around 1700 bucks. Both the processor and that much memory is necessary for most desktop uses. One of our high end workstations would probably suit you unless you want to build your own. http://jallenlabs.com/buy/

    he said he had no budget limitations at all
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