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I am looking at putting together a new build later this month, and will admit to being out of the game for a few years. I am seeking some help with finding a graphics card. Thanks for the help.

I plan on using an i7-3820 and x79 mobo, both of which support PCIe 3.0. I will need a GPU to support three 1920x1200 monitors @ 3600x1920. I plan on using the rig for gaming and multimedia, however have no need for 3D support at this time. I would like to keep the GPU in the $300-400 range.

My first thought is to go with two AMD 77xx's or 78xx's in crossfire but have been reading that even though AMD shrunk the die and added 3.0 capability these cards do not yield a great increase in performance over the 69xx cards that are similarly priced. Also, I imagine that I need two cards to run three monitors without seeing a performance drag?

Does anyone on here have any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. Best go with a 7950 at this point. Little bit better performance than the 580 and $100 cheaper in most cases. Dont crossfire unless ya have to, a lot of problems with dual GPU setups, ATI or nvidia.
  2. I'd forgo the pci 3.0 and a much cheaper cpu and much more powerful gpu setup for 3 display as you don't need pci 3.0 or such a cpu but getting more gpu is a must at those resolutions.

    getting an i5 2500k is going to give you the same performance as the i7 extremes in games no matter the resolution or card setup. with the money you save, you should be able to get 2 6970s which would probably be the most powerful setup for that resolution. A single 7970 will offer less performance but better energy and cooling, also can add another in the future so it can be well considered.

    If you are getting the 6XXX cards, you would have even less of a reason to get pci 3.0 since they aren't supported by the gpus. Even the 7970 doesn't fill up pci 2.0 x8 so pci 3.0 is not needed as of yet even for the new cards.

    The 78XX are launching in late feb or early march so you might have to wait a bit.
  3. Am I crazy to consider three 7770's?
  4. jeessalu said:
    Am I crazy to consider three 7770's?

    More GPU's = More problems. If I were you I would go with a Z68 1155 board with either 2500k or 2600k (my personal choice would be 2500k) and get a 7970 or a 7950. You can later add another one.
  5. Is a 7950 worth the extra $115 over the 6970 ($480 v. $365)?

    Is a 7970 worth the extra $100 over the 7950 ($580 v. $480)?

    I looked at general 79xx pricing, and an MSI lightning for 6970.
  6. Im biased, I love my 7970 am ordering another one soon as well so I can add 2 more monitors. However, I believe if you get a 7950, and OC it, you can get pretty close to a 7970s performance for that price break. But when you OC a 7970 it blows it away.
  7. I would suggest 7950 or flash a 6950 to a 6970 and you will have good performance. Not sure if 7950 can be flashed to 7970 yet but that would be nice.
  8. It wontbe able to either. It physically doesnt have the shaders I believe. Whereas the 6950 had the shaders, they were just disabled.
  9. jeessalu said:
    Am I crazy to consider three 7770's?

    Can the 7770 do Tri-Crossfire? The ones I've seen only seem capable of dual Crossfire.
  10. This project stalled a little bit but based on the benchmarks of the 7870, it looks like it was worth the wait. At $350, its in the same price range as the 6970s that I was considering and appears to be far superior.


    Anyone have any thoughts?
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