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I've built several computers before, just gaming computers nothing serious. I've been asked by my Network Operations manager to build a computer for our NOC that will support 8 monitors. I'm a little lost on this setup, and was wondering if this community had some input on where to begin.

What we need:
-This computer will be running at all times

-support 8 monitors (32"-42"resolution not important)

- 3D acceleration not necessary, but if possible we'd like to have it

- Processor - something along the lines of an i5 2.6ghz should do

- Cooling - I'd like to water cool considering the usage, but with the GPUs we'll need I doubt it'll be in the budget. With a decent fan setup/case we should be fine

- PSU - Obviously depends on where we stand with the GPUs, but I'm planning for a 1300W. I'd like to go brand name with the PSU.

- GPUs - here is where I'm lost. Most i've ever set up is 3 monitors in an SLI setup. I'm not sure how to go about getting 8 monitors operating off the same setup. Quad SLI with 4 mid-range gpus? SLI with 2 monitors no doing 3D acceleration?

-MOBO - dependent on GPU setup

Budget wise we're shooting for around $2k, this is negotiable.

If you guys could give me some help i'd appreciate it.
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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, as it's been a long time since I've done more than 2 monitors on a system, but you really don't want to SLI the cards, because then each card is maintaining a full frame buffer, if you simply have 3 cards (for example) and attach monitors to each as a discrete card, it should be as simple as that, if it's not gaming they don't need a huge amount of horse power even as long as they support enough monitors per card.

    Like I said though, it's been a long time since I've had more than 2 monitors (like back when you had PCI and AGP slots I did 6 using multiple PCI GPUs), so please wait for someone else to confirm this before pulling the trigger :)
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  2. for nothing intensive there are some amd 5xxx or 6xxx series with 6 mini hdmi,

    or go gtx680 alone it can support 3 monitors, or those radeon with lots of slots will do.(cheaper ones) from sapphire.

    i5 2500k/i7 2600k will do and asrock mobo is great. unless you want the dual cpu type.

    I do suggest build one now and when budget allow go for watercooling. at least before you set up the watercooling by then your 100% sure that your system is running stable.
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  3. you want to build 8 monitor noc. You need Power Failure Alarms to your noc monitoirng .If you need to know more about noc https://www.fltcase.com/noc.php
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