Can't use ide-to-sata adapted drive to boot from?

Thinking of using one of these adapters for my beloved ide NEC dvd drive on a mobo with no ide sockets--but it's been mentioned elsewhere that this disables the drive as a device to boot from.

This true?

Thanx a meg,
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  1. I don't think you can use that adapter on the boot device.
  2. Make a USB thumb drive with your boot media (Windows 7 or whatnot) on it for OS installation/ boot needs, then use the NEC in the OS itself.
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    I used and booted with 4 (on a 4 drive raid 0 array) for years without a problem.
    I just couldnt waste those four wd80jb drives I had. LOL

    Mine were rosewil rc-201 I think. ---- nope that was a raid card ---- its rc-204
  4. Thanx popatim. What this speaks to is another thread of mine about trub with an asus mobo not wanting to install win7.

    Am already on the hunt for a new mobo and I don't wanna give up this nice ide NCE dvd burner.

    Getting harder to find AMD mobo's with PATA interface--much less onboard audio/video chips (anybody remember the amiga computer?).

    Prob'ly shouldn't babble about this here but start a new thread or search one that discusses good AMD mobo's.

    Again thanx for the reassurance popatim. Newegg still sells that rosewill model you referenced.

    Though I don't often boot from the cd/dvd drive, there are times I need to (like installing the OS).

    And hey scottiemedic, thanx for that thumb-drive-for-installing-the-OS tip. That was one of the recommendations on other threads about having trub with win7 installs to my current asus mobo.

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