Getting the best preformance out of your gpu


Wanted to know how to get the best performance out of my nvidia gtx 560 ti top
i7 2600 quad
16 gb ddr3
sata 3 240 gb ssd
600 watts
z68x ud3h b3 board
using hdmi to 42 inch Lcd

tried playing napoleon total war and it seemed to run slower than I expected.
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  1. Overclocking that 560ti and the 2600 will give you better perfroamnce out of your system, you will need good cooling for your case and for your cpu.
    Also play around with your Nvidia control panel setiings and set the settings to prefer maximum performance and single monitor.
  2. check different drivers but total war is a AMD favored game. You should still get decent performance.

    OC is probably the most basic and effective way to increase performance tho.
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