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Case - HAF 932 Advanced

Stock Cooling System
140mm Fans
1 x 140mm rear fan
230mm Fans
1 x 230mm front red LED fan
1 x 230mm top fan
1 x 230mm side fan

Physical Spec
22.70" x 9.00" x 21.50"
29.1 lbs.

Before I start asking question I figured it would be a good idea to let you guys have the details of what I want to do. I have an i5 3570K processor that runs 3.4 idle and has turbo boost to 3.8, but I plan on overclocking to 4.5 idle in the future once I get a Corsair H100 CPU Liquid Cooling System. I also plan on SLI'ing two EVGA GTX 670 graphics cards on a Sabertooth Z77 motherboard. I want more red LED fans in the case and wanted to know where to add fans/replace to make the case better at cooling itself. I want to keep things as frosty as possible in this thing but also reasonably quiet. Fan brands would be very much appreciated along with sizes and where. ^.^ I do know that the 1 x 230mm side fan in the case can be replaced by 4 x 120mm fans as having seen it done and reading the compatibility in the specs.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Case should come with the following fans:

    Front: 230 x 30mm Red LED Fan x 1, 700 RPM, 19 dBA

    Side: 230 x 30mm Standard Fan x 1, 700 RPM, 19 dBA (support 120 x 25 Fan x 4)

    Top: 230 x 30mm Standard Fan x 1, 700 RPM, 19 dBA (support 120mm Fan x 3 or 120mm x 1 + 230 x 30mm x 1)

    Rear: 140 x 25mm Standard Fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA (support 120 x 25mm Fan x 1)

    front and side intake fans while top and rear are exhaust. The fans are good enough to support really good air flows already.

    But do look around for fans that better fits your specifications.
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