GTX 560TI SLI Driver Problem - Please Help

I have 2 MSI GTX 560Ti in SLI. Ever since about 285.79 my cards have been acting funny with the driver installs. Ill install the new driver and then It wont recognize SLI for whatver reason, Then when I install over that it shows SLI again. But now every time I restart my computer it doesn't the driver as being installed and I have to reinstall the driver again.

Please Adivse
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  1. 1. Uninstall the drivers and reboot.

    2. Use a reg cleaner (ccleaner) to remove all things nVidia, shut down machine.

    3. Remove and reseat cards, cables, SLI bridge, start up computer.

    4. When windows finds new hardware, "do a Nancy Regan" and just say NO !

    5. Install this (295.51) and reboot.
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