Question on AMD fx 8120 with 500 W PSU

Hey there, i just purchased an fx, so far i like the cpu but im worrying alot about my PSU wich is a 500W Topower silentcool, the thing is the PSU gets so noisy and hot sometimes (ive noticed it touching the case). Im not sure if the psu is stressing so much i need to replace it or its just that my case sucks and i need to replace it too (i certainly know both sucks but id like to know what change should i do first)

I looked on Wattage calculators and most sites say i need less than 300 W, thats why im surprised it gets to hot!.

Currently what i have on is

FX 8120 at stock
8GB Kingston hyper X
hd 4770
3 usb ports on.

All together they look likethis

I read on tomhardware article about cooling that this is a total fail (mainly cause i have not a single case fan working) but i read too that maybe the psu cant handle the hardware, im not sure and i can only spend cash on one (buy psu or buy a pc case)

So what you guys think it could be ? thanks in advance
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  1. worst psu, i recommend to get new with bettr brand like seasonic, antec, corsair etc.
  2. 1) get a better PSU
    2) plug in that case fan even though is it going to be LOUD!
    3) practice some cable management with a few zip ties.
  3. Agree, that PSU looks like a weak link. Modern power supplies have most of the amperage on the 12V lines for feeding hungry cpus and graphics cards etc. I'd replace that first and see if you can plug in that rear fan and maybe a front one too.
  4. Thanks guys ive searched at the psus in my country, sadly im limited in brands, i have 3 options so far:

    - Cooler Master
    Silent Pro M 1000w

    - Corsair 750 TX

    - Sea Sonic 860w Atx 80 Plus Platinum 850w (this one is used and is the most expensive of the three, about 3 months of use says the seller)

    What do you think is the best purchase?

    About the case fan, sadly it doesnt work, ive tried connecting only with the psu and it didnt work, tried connecting to the MB and it didnt work, thats why it is not pluged, but im going to get a case fan whenever i can.
  5. corsair TX750 and even that is overkill. nothing for 600-650?
  6. On 600-650 options are

    - Cooler Master Gx650

    - Corsair gs 700 (not 600-650 but its in the same range price)

    - Thermaltake 650w trx

    Im amazed btw at the speed to get a response here :pt1cable: thanks !!
  7. stick with corsair, most are made by seasonic.
  8. I did a quick search, it seems that channelwell does the gs model

    According to that, the 750 is the only one made by seasonic, so i think ill probably invest the extra cash on that one :pt1cable: . That way i think im gonna be safe ? cause id like to have at least 1 dvd unit and im plugin an audio interface (usb) in the future. :)
  9. a 750 will let you run a multi card set up several DVD players, an audio interface, a strobe light, fog machine and small disco ball.
  10. Thank you buddy, id love to have a disco ball on my room :bounce:
  11. And with a little saved on the power supply, grab a new exhaust fan, they cost very little and your cpu will thank you for it:)
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