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Can anyone recommend a laptop with intel core i5 and a pretty good graphics card? Budget can't go past 750
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  2. sunnk said:

    What does it mean 'refurbished'?
  3. wei12309 said:
    What does it mean 'refurbished'?

    refurbished means reconditioned, whichever problem parts there were have been fixed and upgraded parts installed to make the pc work better. there is nothing wrong with a refurbished laptop.:)
  4. Refurbished means it's used, but it's recovered to like new.
  5. sosofm said:

    So, for the first two, which one has better graphics? and is it worth it to spend $50 for another gb of video memory?
  6. 540M and 6650M trade blows, but overall 540M would be a little bit (very little, very hard to see/spot the difference) faster because of the benchmark scores. In games they will trade blows. It is not worth it to get 2GB VRAM for $50, because 1GB is all needed for Laptop graphics. That even includes the 580M or 6990M, except you are playing and having screens like QHD, WQXGA or running eyefinity (which you guys rarely do for laptops, only desktops).
  7. So, how many cores does the i5 on [...] 6834215256 650$ [...] 6834215281 650$ have?
  8. Both has 2 cores with HT (hyperthreading), 4 fictional cores (Threads), 2 real cores. The 540M one runs at 2.5 Ghz and the 6650M is running at 2.4 Ghz.
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