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Hi there, I currently have a 17'' HP LCD monitor and i would like to upgrade, to a 32'' LCD TV. I've heard that they work on PCs but there are some issues like 'TV burning' or something like that, i also heard it lags but these issues are with older ones from what i've read, is there a new one that works good with PC gaming? Thanks in advance :)

Btw I have an ATI 5770 so i need one that'll work with this.
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  1. well im using an Emerson 40", and never had any major issues with it. Keep in mind your sacrificing some quality for a larger screen, unless you plan to go with one of the really good TV's

    Basically you just want to find one with a really high contrast ratio. 100,000-1 is great. or even 50,000-1.

    And also a quick response time.

    In general Samsung is a great company, but best way to find the right tv? go to your local walmart or large electronics store and look at the wall of tv's to compare which are good.
  2. I don't see the point of going for a large TV, really, unless you have to sit far away from it for some reason. On 1920x1080, I think more than 24" is overkill: you can just sit close to the screen, and it'll fill your vision as well as a big screen farther away (a close, large screen would look bad, as the pixels would be clearly visible). A higher resolution would be a different story, but that'd be fabulously expensive.
  3. @CrysisComa I always take videos and screenshots with fraps, the reason i'm getting Tv is because the screenshots look really grainy (1280x1024) so i dont think a Tv would do me any good, thanks for the heads up :)

    @kajabla I sit pretty close to my monitor, like 13'' away...

    Since a Tv dosen't seem that essential for me i'll just buy a new monitor. Is there one thats like the 1298x1024 resoloution just bigger? I don't want a widescreen monitor because if i get one and take screenshots with fraps it will be a wider, which might be a problem since i took lots of screenshots in lots of different games already, a widescreen monitor will make them look different.
  4. I don't know of a higher resolution that shares the 1.25:1 aspect ratio of 1280x1024, but I can assure you that you'll appreciate the higher resolution more than you'll regret the mismatched screenshots.
  5. @CrysisComa its nice but its a bit too small...

    @kajabla I found a few but its really costly, like $400 and its small, like 24 inches i think :/

    I saw this monitor, a Samsung and it seems like a really good price, should i buy it? And if i should buy it, wont my videogames suffer from lagging? I like to play the latest games, maxed out and i like to record videos with fraps so this might be a problem.

    EDIT: I sit approximately 10 inches away from my monitor, will the larger screen be necessary? Because i was just reading an article and it said that the bigger the screen the more poor the quality will be, and if you're close to a large monitor, like 27'' it will look blocky...
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    That monitor's a standard HD monitor but very large. Why not just get a standard 24"
    monitor for $200?
    Yes, it will be harder for your GPU to handle games at the higher resolution (you certainly won't be maxing anything out), but remember that the point of a gaming build is to look good, not to have the maximum possible settings enabled.
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