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Hello I was looking at some pic & I come across on something I like here is the Case


I got a Question on this Photo the link under will it come with that thing on the case where you can install 2 fans?? or do you have to buy this separate?
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  1. oh ya Very Nice so it doesnt come wit it & the Price they are asking is $130 bucks?? I dont know if that right or not dont see a price range on those & The case is only $80 bucks & they want 60 bucks more for the attachment thing?
  2. Where did you see the $60 price tag for the fan bracket?
  3. idk if its 60 bucks more or not your first link it said $129.99 plus shipping i thought it was for the whole thing with the bracket... Newegg deal is only 80 bucks for case idk bout bracket??
  4. Does anyone know how much the bracket is?? I really want to get the case but not sure how much it is for bracket cant find info any where
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