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does anyone know if the EAH5770 CUcore ASUS graphics card is compatible with the P5N73-am ASUS Motherboard. i'm having trouble finding an answer. A possibly helpful website would be good too
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  1. It will fit in the one slot for it and it is the PCIe x 16 slot the only one you have on your mother board (MOBO) Now it also depends on your power supply (PSU) is it enough power to run your graphic card (GPU)?

    That MOBO will work with your GPU they are compatible. Just make sure that your PSU is a least 300w. And good luck to you.
  2. It should be good with your PCI-E x16 Slot. If it doesn't work you may have to do a BIOS or Motherboard Driver Update. Almost all 380W PSU with at least 24A on the +12V rail (total) should work well with 5770.
  3. do i need to uninstall my current driver(NVIDIA GeForce) or will they work together
  4. i know i need to uninstall the old one, but do i do that before or after i install the new one
  5. Yes uninstall your nVidia driver before proceeding. I don't really know what is meant by 'they work together', but they will surely not if you mean the nVidia driver will control the 5770.
  6. i'm a little confused. do i put i uninstall the old driver, put the new graphics card into the slot, turn on the computer, and then run the setup? Or is it a different sequence
  7. Yes, first uninstall, then pull out your old graphics card and then put the new one. Boot through and install your AMD driver :).
  8. Thanks so much. hope this works!
  9. Good luck my friend :).
  10. What does the NVIDIA GeFORCE card look like? and is there anything special i need to do to physically take it out, or can i just take it out of the socket?
  11. just push down the tab on your slot which releases your graphics card from the slot and gently pull it out. There is no special recommendation on pulling out graphics card. If you are asking on how the nVidia geforce cards are, why are you not looking to your graphics card?
  12. what does it LOOK like?
  13. i can't find it
  14. How? You just see the card doesn't it? It's the one that is on the PCI-E slot.
  15. i have the PCI1 PCI2 PCIEX16 abd the PCIEX1, but all of those are empty. i can't find any other PCI slots
  16. You don't have a card. You have been using a integrated graphic card. It is part of your MOBO. It is built right into your MOBO. The slot PCIe x 16 is where you are going to install your new card.

    How ever you still need to do a driver sweeper in safe mode to clean out all of the Nvidia drivers. Then install your new card use the disk that came with it and go from there.

    If you have any more problems come back and let us know. Good luck to ya
  17. i think that will be all, but i'll let you know if there are anymore snags. Thanks for all the help!
  18. That means you don't have the graphics card, you are running integrated and you should not have to uninstall the graphics driver prior to uninstalling. You put your graphics card on the PCIEX16 slot and push it nicely in until it fits nicely. After that, go and plug the PCI-E Connector 6-pin from the power supply to the slot (you need one). After, you then install your drivers.
  19. ^+100%

    Good luck to you on your new card. And thank refillable he has given you a lot of info on what to do step by step. If you follow it you will not have anyproblems.
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