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This is my first post here so hello to all. Anyway although I realize this is probably not possible I'm wondering if I could run skyrim on an
Intel core 2 duo@2.40 ghz
4GB ddr3 ram
Windows XP SP3
7200rpm 500 gb HDD
What is a sub $55 graphics card that can run skyrim at medium I've been looking at this I plan on running it at 1024x768 as thats the most my monitor can handle. thanks for the help :D
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  1. Don't get the 6450. You can get the 6670 for $50 here:

    It's a MUCH better card and should be just fine for 1024x768 gaming in Skyrim. You could probably manage high settings at that resolution with the 6670.
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    You can get this with rebate because I don't trust that 6670... It should play 1024x768
  3. thanks so much for your help I think I'll go with the sapphire radeon as the graphics card sunnk suggested has no reviews so I'm unsure and for the 6670 many people didnt get the rebate. Once again thanks so much!
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