Problems with ccc 12.1

I'm just currious if anyone else is having issues with the latest ccc. ever since i updated to the latest version, i can no longer overclock my cards. the overclock settings i have been running for months, now crash my system. very frustrating.
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  1. before i bricked my gpu, i installed CCC 12.1 and 12.2 without error (6770 btw)
  2. What do you use to OC your card?

    I notice MSI Afterburner not working, but Riva Tuner is ok.
  3. You use MSI afterburner and is the temperatures fine? How much do you overclock?
  4. i use trixx. i'm running two saffire 2gb 6950's. i don't overclock much. 900mhz core 1325mhz mem. has been running without a hitch till recently.
  5. temperatures are very low, never more than 50c even during long periods of intense gaming.
  6. Well you better roll back drivers to 11.11/11.12
  7. ended up uninstalling ccc 12.1, and doing a driver sweep, and then reinstalling ccc 12.1. everything is back to normal, overclocking like a champ, and mantaining stability. i guess i will just have to do that everytime there is a new update for ccc.
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