Is the SB Live Value the Same card as ohter SB?

I know the SB Live! Gamer, MP3 and Platinum all use the same card. Does the value one use the same as well or is it downgraded?
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  1. As far as I know, the platinum supports 5.1 dolby digital, which nun of the other cards do.
  2. value is downgraded- others are the same

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  3. well last year i had a SB live value, and now ive got a SB live
    the differences seem to be a few more snazzy applications on the CD,
    extra souroud sound options and an extra port for a rear pair of speakers.

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  4. Ah, OK, this makes me feel a little better. I bought an OEM SB Live! 5.1 from a local retailer. The CD that came with it said 5.1, but the card itself only said Soundblaster Live!. I was worried I was getting a value instead of a 5.1, but it does have a jack for rear speakers so I guess I am ok.

    Now a question. I currently have a set of Altec Lansing ACS33 speakers (2 satellites plus a floor bass unit). I was thinking up buying a new set of 5.1 speakers (probably Cambridge Works FPS1500 or something similar), but they are quite expensive and I am really happy with the sound from my ACS33 as they are. If I pick up a cheaper 2-speaker set and plug it into the rear speaker port on the SB Live!, will I get the same effect of surround sound as I would if I bought the 5.1 speaker set?

  5. dont see why not...
    the second output port has different sound dynamics to the front.
    of course, that all depends on what quality speakers you want to use, where u put them, room dynamics & applications etcetcetc

    P.S. i wish someone whould help me fix my sb live wav playback problem :( :( :(
    pops and cracks only in wav p[layback, undrer win2k. downloaded latest drivers, sp2, moved the card to clear up any irq conflicts, and still no joy.
    and i know it wasnt happening in win98. :(

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  6. it's not that it's downgraded. it's just that it doesn't have a digital out line for digital speakers. the others (x-gamer, mp3, plat.) can use digital speakers. you'll lose a lot of the snapping and cracking that come from analog speakers.

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  7. I think the only difference is that the Platinum has gold plated connectors in the back

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  8. Are you sure that the value doesn't support digital out? Because I am quite sure I have an SBLive!Value card, yet I use digital Altec speakers. Yup, I just checked my setup, it's definitely outputting in digital, there's a little tab in my device manager to select it...
  9. Yea it'll work fine. I have it set up. I have the sb live value and it doesnt seem any different than my friends sb live platinum, except for the software that comes with it.

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  10. Yea, there is a digital output port on the card. Or at least mine has 1.

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  11. There are two different sets of SBLive! cards. One was the original SBLive cards. Then they later released a slew of SBLive 5.1 cards, Value, Xgamer, MP3, and Platinum. The difference is the software package and in the case of the platinum the Livedrive.

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