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Sapphire 7950 - 3 monitor issue! Help?

I just built a beast machine, bought this specific card and having problems:

Its the Sapphire 7950 - it has:

2 Mini Display ports

I currently have my 3 monitors plugged into 1 DVI (converted cable) to Mini Display, 1 in DVI (converted cable) to HDMI port, and 1 DVI straight.

Both the Mini Display and the HDMI monitors are working fine - the DVI will not display anything unless I unplug the other 2. Please help!

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    You need at least one Mini display port to DVI/HDMI ACTIVE adapter, not a passive one
  2. I'm not sure what that means between active and passive.. Please explain?

    If you could point one out to me (don't care where, I need to get one asap) that would be helpful.. (Thank you for your assistance btw!)
  3. Nevermind - It started working after I installed windows then installed the drivers - poof all of a sudden came up and is working with Eyefinity! Thanks all.. :)
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