Ati 5670 -> denon 1911 -> Toshiba = Flashing Randomly?


I have my htpc with an ati 5670 hooked up to my denon 1911 which is hooked up to my 55" Toshiba. I don't know why but now the screen is flashing strangely. It tries to resize from full screen to a screen with a slight border and flashes wildly. It was just working! It seems like it is trying to auto aspect ratio or something. I think I messed with the vid card config and now it is messed up. I have also tried messing with the denon settings and the Toshiba settings. Not sure what is screwed up but I was hoping someone has heard of this problem. Oh, and btw, I am outputting from HDMI.

Thanks for any help. It's driving me nuts!


P.S. Not sure if this isimportant butI also changed the HDMI cable from 1.4 to 1.3. It was working fine for a bit but idk, something got screwed up. Could that have anything to do with it? And I'm running XP, fyi. :-)
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  1. An Update:

    Still having the issue. I've uninstalled my old drivers, cleaned with driver sweeper and installed ccc 12. Not a ton difference. It's a little better but it resizes randomly from full screen to a black border all the way around the screen.

    Here's a video:

    I was watching a DVD but it doesn't matter what I am doing, video, games, etc. Please tell me someone has a solution. I never had a problem on a previous install. My next option I guess is go back to older drivers.

  2. I finally found the issue. Cheap hdmi cable. I swapped it out and everything is groovy.
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