New case, static issues?

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum - if it is not, please let me know and I will delete/repost in the correct location.

I received my parts for my build from newegg today, and I just opened the case (NZXT Switch 810).

However, after removing the styrofoam, plastic wrap, foam wrap, and sticky-plastic covering (unsure of correct name), the case is still very static-y.

I used canned air to get the little bits of styrofoam out of the case, but I'm curious about my static issues, because I don't want to fry any of my electronics, especially the expensive parts!

Should I wipe the case down with water, or do something else, in order to get rid of the static? I've never lived in such a dry location (in the desert in Arizona, very static-y here), and it's been good while since I've built a computer.

I've got an anti-static wrist strap from Best Buy that I'm goign to clip onto my case, and I will be touching the (painted, so i'm not sure on this) inside metal of the case...but is this enough?

Or am I just worrying about nothing?

Thanks, everyone. :sarcastic:
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  1. I wouldn't be to worried about static to much as the boards are normally quite resistant to static problems. Saying this it doesn't hurt to be cautious. Connect the anti-static wrist strap to a good earth point (not the case unless the case is earthed) and as soon as you touch the (unearthed) case any static will be discharged and you can proceed with your build without any static worries.
  2. Thanks for your reply! I've done that, just in case (i have two wrist straps, heh).

    I've got a GA-Z77X-UD5H Z77 from Gigabyte, I have the large power connection plugged into the board, my video card plugged in (with it's own power connector), and all that is routed to my Corsair AX750 PSU. When I turn the PSU on, the board's power light turns on, but when I press it, the fans spin on the CPU heatsink and the PSU but then they all stop spinning (the power light on the board is still on, though).

    Very strange. I'm going to go read the manual again to be sure I didn't miss anything, but I'm pretty sure it didn't say anything about this, lol.
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    You didn't say if you plunged in the 8 pin connector.
  4. Doh, I didn't notice the secondary 2x4 pin connector (8 pin) slot on the motherboard.

    Back in the day, it was 1 and done. The manual for this thing doesn't get into the basics, it seems, as it said nothing about secondary (I found it in the diagram, but nothing in instructions).

    Ahh well, mounting the board and whatnot now ;-)
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