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I would like to install a couple of lights in my pc. Its the Inspiron 620 with a grate on the side. I'm not sure how to go about it though. I've scene a lot of different lights but i haven't found one that looks like it would work great. Most of the sticks seem too long. I think i could replace one of the fans or something, but I'm worried about the compatability of the plugs.

What would you guys recommend?
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  1. Does the side panel have a window in it? What do you mean by grate?
  2. You can google the Dell Inspiron 620.
    It looks like an industrial grate, only smaller. Its about 12cm square across. It is right across from my cpu fan, that is why I was looking at the lit up fans. I think it is designed as an intake or something.
  3. thanks a lot! that looks like it will work great
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