Is this good?

Hello, I would like you guys to review my system for possible compatibility errors,

First I have my case. IN WIN MANA 136

Second, I have my Motherboard. ASRock Z77 Pro4-m LGA 1155

Third, CPU i-7 2600 SB 3.4 - 3.8 LGA 1155

4th graphics card. Radeon HD 7870 (edited because the old one was too big)

5th, RAM, G.SKILL Ares Series 8 GB (4GB* 2)

6th, HD Hitachi 500gb 7200 rpm

7th, HP H/H Blu-ray Burner

8th, Rosewill Stallion deries 500W ATX12V v2.2 PSU (discount w/ case)

9th, Rosewill wireless adapter b/g/n, 300mbps

This all amounts up to about $1,300.
I would like too know if I will need any other fans (120 mm Rear and Front ARE included)
or a higher powered PSU.
Thank you for anyone reviewing this, as it will make it easier to maintain.
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  1. Avoid that PSU, total junk. The one Gary1 picked is much better. I also agree with dropping down to the 2500K and getting the 7970.
  2. Actually, I will be using this for gaming and 3d rendering so thats why I got the i7
  3. I will try the new PSU, HDD, Bluray bruner, the Ram and thats it. I really like the case and I also like the price,
  4. So, will that be ok? or should I still go for the lower core and higher graphics?
  5. For gaming, go with the 2500k. I think 3d rendering should be fine with the 2500k as well. I would still go with 2500k/7970. Best combo right now.
  6. Well, the card will not fit in my case (max of 11", card is 14.75") but, I will be ok with the 7870, And I can always upgrade later. All in all, I thank you for your time and recomendations.
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    No problem. If you are getting the 7870. I would then suggest the 2600k. The reason is, the hyperthread will probably come into play while rendering.
  8. Alright! but, the PSU you recommended, will that be enough for everything? Im afraid all of the cpu and graphics card will take it, and there will be no electricity left over for the remanding parts.
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