Stupid idea, but is there a chance it'll work???

Hello everyone. As I mentioned above, it's a completely stupid idea, and the chances are very close to 100% it won't work, but still... Wish it did ;)

So, I have an HP 625 laptop, with (you're not going to believe it, but it's a model of 2010-2011 year) AMD V160, 2.4 GHz 1-core! CPU, 2GB of memory, 256 of which are used by AMD 4250M video card. So, I have an HTC Evo 3d, with Qualcomm whichever CPU (SoC to be correct, but trust me, I totally don't care about it). I wish I could use it to make it either tri-core CPU, with added memory, or just use smartphone's SoC as a CPU for my laptop. Temporary, just while playing "light" games, like Battlefield Play4Free. I know it requires 1.7 Ghz CPU, but for some reason, it's just too slow even on lowest settings! So, I think dual core 1.2 GHz would play the game better, or it won't?

Also, reports that my CPU won't handle Red Alert 3, which I really like. So, it'd be really really really nice to have it. I wish I could buy a new laptop, but everything big begins from something small, doesn't it?
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  1. No it won't work
  2. waste time
  3. Yeah, that is a really low end laptop, probably closer to a netbook in terms of specs. You aren't doing any gaming on that. All it's good for is web browsing and basic office tasks.
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    Your phones dual core wouldn't help that much either, its equivalent to the E-300, but instead generates less heat, is smaller and is more energy efficient.
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