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At 1080p for gaming/youtube, what is the best recommended size and resolution to use? I plan to do an eyefinity setup in the future. My budget atm is $300 for one monitor. Thanks. Atm, I am considering the Haans-G 27.5" Monitor.
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  1. Then what resolution?
  2. Btw, that haans-g monitor is 2ms response and 1920x1200.
  3. Yeah, $300 is for one monitor. I am not sure when I will upgrade to eyefinity, so I just need one monitor for now. Thanks for the monitor suggestion. Does it just come with the monitor? I see no listing of packaging parts.
  4. While I MIGHT get a 27" 1080 monitor for single screen gaming, I wouldn't for Eyefinity. Keep in mind that as the screen size goes up, so does either the distance between the pixels or the size of the pixels themselves. This means the image won't be as sharp/clear on a 27" 1080 as it would on a 24" 1080. You also need to take the desk into consideration as those 3 extra inches will be an extra 9inches by the time your done with your eyefinity setup. (or 15" if your doing 5x1)

    I personally would shoot for a 23-24" monitor. Add the other two when you can.
  5. So when I am about to decide for eyefinity, I should just buy 3 new monitors instead of the same monitor as the one I plan to get now?
  6. Quote:
    typically Samsung just gives you a set of DVI and/or VGA cable, power cord/adapter, manuals, CD for making flying saucers. and that's kinda it, like almost all monitor manufacturer's I've seen thus far.

    Not sure if you already have your gaming Rig yet though, but I'd say get Sapphire if you haven't, since they kinda give you a tonne more stuff than any other manufacturer and most of them you wont even use in the card's lifeimte :lol:

    I haven't bought it yet. I am going to build in 2 weeks. And yes, I am getting the Sapphire Radeon 7950. The ASUS I was considering has an HDMI cable too.
  7. Things can change over time. The closer your screens are to exactly the same the better. Bezels, background lights, etc all change over time.
  8. I guess I will be purchasing 3 new monitors later down the road. For now, I just need one monitor. So will any 1920x1080 monitor work?
  9. I don't have any guarantees yet, but I chose my components based on overall upgradeability, so somewhere down the road, I will CF/SLI, and get an eyefinity setup. That is why I chose a 2 slot PCIe 3.0 MOBO and an XFX 850W 80+ SILVER Certified.

    So am I right in that any 1920x1080 2ms monitor will do regardless of size?

    EDIT: Ah.
  10. It looks really good, and LED too! Will be good on my eyes and cut down my electricity bill. :P
    So an ASUS 21.5" 1920x1080 would be good too? My total build budget is $1800 and atm my build stands at $1389 without monitor.
    i5-2500k: $180
    ASUS P8Z68 V Pro Gen3: $160
  11. Thanks. :)
    Any more suggestions? :P
  12. If viewing at normal monitor viewing distances, you want to keep your PPI (pixels per inch) above 90. The human eye can start to detect individual pixels at PPI < 96 ..... ok to miss by a little, after that screen starts to look grainy. I'd avoid the choices highlighted in bold text

    Resolution / Description / Screen Size / PPI

    1920×1080 / 1080p / 13.1 / 168.2
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 15.6 / 141.2
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 16.4 / 134.3
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 21.5 / 102.5
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 23.0 / 95.8
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 23.6 / 93.3
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 24.0 / 91.8
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 24.6 / 89.6
    1920×1080 / 1080p / 27.0 / 81.6
    1920×1200 / WUXGA / 15.4 / 146.8
    1920×1200 / WUXGA / 17.0 / 132.9
    1920×1200 / WUXGA / 22.0 / 102.9
    1920×1200 / WUXGA / 23.0 / 98.4
    1920×1200 / WUXGA / 24.0 / 94.0
    1920×1200 / WUXGA / 25.5 / 88.5
    1920×1200 / WUXGA / 27.0 / 83.8

    My top choices:

    Asus 120 Hz $280
    Asus 60 Hz $ 170

    As for the rest of the build .....

    Case - I'm down on the 922 as it has no front USB 3.0 port

    $105 Corsair 500R Black
    $140 minus $15 rebate + $20 off w/ promo code EMCNHNC46, ends 2/13
    Also available in white but no promo

    SSD - I can't see the Tier 5 SSD for $175 when ya can get a Tier 3 (21% faster) for $170,3115-6.html
    $230 minus $40 rebate + $20 off w/ promo code HARDOCPX2X8E, ends 2/14

    RAM - I'd opt for one of these:|20-233-196^20-233-196-TS%2C20-233-186^20-233-186-TS%2C20-233-199^20-233-199-TS

    HD - Blue and Green = "slower than black"

    1TB $125
    500Gb $85

    Monitor - This is step up +$25 .... 1770 peeps reviewed it well :)

    TIM - Ya read the AS5 site ?

    Due to the unique shape and sizes of the particles in Arctic Silver 5's conductive matrix, it will take a up to 200 hours and several thermal cycles to achieve maximum particle to particle thermal conduction and for the heatsink to CPU interface to reach maximum conductivity.

    So by my estimation of this statement it would take almost a year of normal use to properly cure the AS5 compound, or almost nine days of continuous power cycles to meet their recommendation. Benchmark Reviews feels that this is a characteristically unreasonable requirement for any TIM product, and we do not support it. We want products that perform without the burden of sacrifice on our time, especially with some many competing products offering performance without this extra requirement.

    Shin Etsu is less than half the price, has same thermal performance as AS5 and has no curing issues.

    Arctic Silver 5 Polysynthetic Thermal Compound (4) Polysynthetic Silver Low / Thin 37.55°C A+
    Shin-Etsu MicroSi G751 (0) Aluminum Oxide Moderate 37.55°C A+

    (0) No Curing Time or Special Application Suggested
    (4) Arctic Silver 5 Application Instructions (up to 200-hours recommended curing time)
  13. Wow, that was very helpful! I only chose the SSD cuz it was cheap. :P
    I will change the RAM, but the only bad thing is that I don't get my paycheck till the week after the next, so the promo codes will have run out.
  14. Another thing is that I don't build for 1.9 weeks.
  15. Jack, since I cannot get the promo codes, should I still get those?
  16. I will be getting the 7950 as I don't want a small budget left for my monitor. Atm, it is $270.
  17. Thanks.
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