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does any one know whats wrong with my acer aspire one d260.when i turn it on it goes past the acer screen then goes to (for atheros pcie ethernet controller v2.0.0.9(05/08/09) next line, check cable connection! next line,pxe-m0f : exiting intel pxe rom. next line, no bootable device--insert boot disk and press any key next line, intel undi, pxe-2.1(build 082). ).i have no disk of any kind for it.only thing i have for it is a external dvd rom drive.can some one help. how can i find out if my hdd is bad or why the acer cant find it? noticed some thing else, when i put in a memory card my hdd light comes on and stays on. what dose this mean?
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  1. Can't find the HDD.....
  2. downloaded the os still nothing.anyone know where i can get a cheep hdd for it? :(
  3. You can pick this 160gb model fron Newegg for $40 using promo code EMCNBNG37

    This 500gb hitachi drive represents your best value for $60

    Alternatively you if you have an old xbox360 drive laying around after an upgrade you can disassemble that and use the harddrive from inside it.

    otherwise you can check ebay and craigslist for used drives.
  4. thanks for the responce. but i got it to work. im wondering what up grade to the 360 hdd would i have to do?
  5. The xbox 360 hdd is upgradeable. I replaced my grandsons 80 with a 320 and then put the 80gb in a usb enclosure that he uses to backup his games with (16gb) plus keep music on. which is only 25gb total but you get the idea... a harddrive is a harddrive.

    edit - since you got it to work, at least try to backup your data in case the drive does have a problem.

    also, it could be a bios firmware issue. update your bios. you can get the files and instructions you need from acers website. I beleive you need a usb stick to do it but it does fix a few bugs.
  6. thanks for all the answers. i got it to work,found out hdd was bad so i used a xbox 360 60 gb hdd its working fine and if i want to save there is a sd card slot and/or ausb port for a flash drive. just to let you know.
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