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Hey folks,

I'm looking to buy a nice gaming computer but I don't know how to go about it, mainly because I'm not too sure on what ideal pieces I should be looking for. The only parts I'm sure of are a GTX 560 video card, 8gb ram and an i5-2500 or i5-2500k processor (whichevers better) I'm hoping to buy or build one to play most games on their max settings or as close to it I can. Downside is, my budget is limited to a little under $1,000. I've checked into hp and several others but can't exactly make up my mind.

Long story short, what are the recommended specs for playing games smoothly in their max settings? or are there any prebuilt computers that meet what I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. get the i5-2500k. you might want to look at getting at least a 560 ti for newer games, or an aquivelant AMD gpu. The specs really depend on the game you are playing as some games, such as Metro 2033, are much more demanding than others. I really recommend you look at building your own computer because you will 1) learn alot, 2) get exactly what you want, and 3) have a better idea for future upgrades.

    If not, you could probably get an OK rig at or for the price. did you need a monitor in that budget also, because that will really limit you.
  2. A monitor is not included in the budget, although I do need one. I'm more focused on the computer first.
  3. Looks good more or less but I have a couple questions. What's the difference between the 560 Ti and regular one? is it worth it? Would I need to get a sound card as well? Would changing the HDD from 500gb to 1tb be worth it if I plan on having a lot of PC games?
  4. The 560 ti performs better. here is an article on these cards:,2944.html.

    I really don't see 1TB it as necessary unless you have a lot of data files, but that's really a personal call. if you are interested in that, it is only $15 more and here is a link
  5. Alright, sounds great, thanks for the help. If anyone can find anything potentially better or cheaper feel free to post.
  6. The build Kelthic suggests is quite similar to what I would suggest myself though I would also throw in a 60GB SSD and grab a mobo that supports Intel SRT technology. Not necessary, but would offer some performance boost!

    You may also want to take a look at this thread to see information regarding a similar budget/requirements. Some of my comments were long but I was trying to pass on info so that the OP may have alot of insight into the options available.
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