my i5 cpu rating is very low

Im using dell inspiron n 4050 laptop with i5 processor with windows home premium but my processor rating shows 3.4 and i see other notebooks it 6.0 and also my desktop pc is core2duo one its rating seems 3.0 its wrong with machine or what happen

please help me
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  1. which OS are you using?...I ask this coz I cant access your photobucket links...maybe you can repost them
  2. It's not really your cpu, it's everything else. Your ram, gpu and hard drive are bring your score down. Your cpu is the fastest thing in the mix.
  3. Check the cpu power settings. Since its a laptop sometimes the cpu will only be running on 50% power instead of 100% as a power saver mode. Check your highperformance profile in windows, usualy windows calculates it using that particular profile, ensure its on 100%. Usually when its 50% it slows it the clock speed down to 700mhz. Other than that, all i can think of is running another benchmark program and see what it scores there. If it scores high then its problem with windows.
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