How do find out if my pc can handle aPCIe 2.0 graphics card?

right now im running intergrated. im looking to upgrade
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  1. What motherboard you have ?
    Look on the motherboard specs and if you have PCIE x16 than you can use any PCIE video card with your motherboard.
  2. System Specs Please.
  3. i dont know any specifics besides processor and memory. its got radeon hd 4200 onboard graphics. 4gb ram, amd phenom II X2 521 processor 3.50 GHz
    power supply is 250watts

    cheapy from my local walmart. i dont know how to find out what kind of mother board it has, i just dont know that much. i need to match a correct psu with the Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850
    i never upgraded before so plz take it easy on me
  4. need the model no. ?
  5. Yes model number please If you don't know these:

    Is it ATX case (Mid tower case)? And is your power supply a standard one that meets ATX specs and size?

    You may upgrade to 500W or 600W Good brand and get a 6850.
  6. p6823w is the model. mid tower case.

    You're fine, check out that tutorial. Please provide us the budget of power supply and graphics.
  8. i got $220 to spend. i found a card and a psu on amazon.
  9. Well better not go too far. Because with your processor something better than 6850 won't be fine (bottleneck).

    Here is what I'd get:
  10. are you sure even a 6850 would be ok? i was not aware of this bottleneck thing.
  11. Well you should be OK I think. Most of the Games are sometimes still only utilizing dual core (even modern ones!) That's the reason why bulldozer FX-8xxx sucks :lol:.
  12. thanks for the help :)
  13. Your welcome and have a good day :).
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