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Hello,sorry if i'm putting this in the wrong place but i don't know where it goes. Anyway, I'm trying to install windows 7 with a usb but when i boot up it says "verifying dmi pool data......... disk boot failure , insert systerm disk and press enter." I used wintoflash to format my usb and put windows 7 on it. I changed the boot sequence to every form of usb and enabled legacy usb storage. I'm doing this because my computer is stuck in a boot loop so any other sequence makes it continue the loop any help is greatly appreciated
P.s i can't use a disk to install either
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  1. Try to to put Windows on the USB tool again and try using the official microsoft USB boot drive tool instead of a 3rd party program
  2. i tried using this but it says it's an invalid iso file
  3. Where did you get the iso file from? Its probably corrupt then. Is this a legitimate, paid for copy?
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