Will people buy my old computer?

Computer's are so cheap now. Go to Future Shop you can buy a laptop or a tower for $400. No it won't be the best, but better than mine? Possibly... yes.

The only real downside to a cheap prebuilt is the mid tower cases and the parts. not much upgradeable.

anyway would anyone buy this setup?

AMD 64 X2 6000+ 3.0ghz
Geforce GTS 250

I mean I think every prebuilt is quad core now am I wrong? I think most are intel which crushes this computer.

I want to sell it for $500 but I know I wouldn't buy that LOL :whistle:

what can I use this old computer for? I don't do graphic designing or anything. Would it be a good game server computer?
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  1. Better than my pc :D Put it on craigslist and ebay or maybe selling parts separately would be better for better profit outcome :D And to be honest i would not like to pay that much money for your setup lol
  2. are any of these parts worth anything?

    The only thing that can be upgraded in this computer at the graphics card and the RAM. But only DDR2 ram. All ram is DDR3 now.
  3. DDR2 rams are not so cheap tho sometimes old tech worths more than new :D Btw give some specific info about your parts and if i am not wrong i think you can use Tom's Hardware > Forum > Deals section for selling stuff here.
  4. what did you want to know specifically?
  5. Just use it as a HTPC. :D
  6. I don't really understand the whole home theater PC thing. What exactly does this mean?

    I don't have a TV, cable, or satellite. So what else is there, music? Yes I have a huge music collection but why would I need a separate computer for that.

    Any other reason to make it an HTPC?

    Would it be good for running gameservers or webhosting or anything like that?
  7. Like your rams is it single module ? and what brand? mhz? 800? 1066?
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