Replacing laptop's graphics cards. what to know?

Hi all,
I'm new here, I hope I've started this thread in the right section.

Anyway, my Acer 5530G is a bit old now and don't really intend to buy a new laptop for now. I like destop PCs better. What I'd like to do - if possible - is to upgrade my graphics card, which is a Ati Radeon Mobility HD3650 512MB of dedicated memory (uses up to 1791MB HyperMemory - which means it uses system memory?). What are my possibilities? Can I upgrade it at all? If so, what to look for? (i.e. power consuption or... well, you tell me :D )

On eBay I've learned they sell the same gfx card as mine, but with 1gig dedicated memory. Seen that all modern games pretty much use that amount of memory, i thought it could be a little step ahead for my laptop's little performance.

Is there any possibility to change gfx card model?

the CPU is AMD Turion x2 Ultra ZM-80 2MB L2 cache 2.1GHz.

Anything I can do?
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  1. I guess I can't upgrade it can i? too bad. but I still wonder why? the only reason i could think would the power supply... anyways..

    about your signature, tlmck, what would the price range of a medium quality power supply be? any tips? for desktop pcs of course. thanks
  2. The graphics card is usually soldered with the motherboard, so you cannot take it out.
  3. I managed to disassemble my laptop, and the graphics card is not soldered to the motherboard. Now, what do i have to look for in order to upgrade it? the graphics card has a 30w consumption. How higher can i push it? here's some info on a guide i found on the internet:
    Power subsystem
    • ACPI 3.0
    • 71 W 4800 mAh
    • 48.8 W 4400 mAh
    • 3-pin 65/90 W AC adapter*
    • Energy Star 4.0

    moreover, I found a new cpu i could buy. it's the zm-86 2.4ghz, which would make things a bit better. would it be supported? any ideas?
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