Water block gigabyte 6970 oc2

I've been looking for awhile now and I can't find a full cover block for this card, so I was thinking I will probably have to use a universal block and ramsinks. I saw on one thread someone mention that you could use the stock heatsink to cool the ram and just watercool the block, does that actually work? if not how does one go about attaching ramsinks I've only ever seen rigs with full cover blocks on them. If I go with a universal block is it going to be as good? is there a block people would recommend over others?
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  1. Even though I have only a CPU liquid cooler. I wood like to also cool my cards not the one's I have now. On my next up grade I wood like to do that. Anyway here is some info on the subject. It may or may not help you but it is a good source of info. And Good luck on your quest.

  2. Yeah I've read that sticky, I'm more interested in specific experience with this card, universal blocks and ramsinks.
  3. He why don't you ask these guys. I will bet thay can help you. They seem to be heavy into the water cooling. It is the club on here for water cooling. You probley already know about them. Anyway good luck on your mission.

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