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I've just upgraded my cpu to an AMD FX-8150 8-Core Processor and I'm getting a lot of noise out of the stock cooler. I've downloaded speedfan to see if I can manage the fan speed on it a little better but I'm struggling with it.

First off my specs.
Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 Motherboard
VTX3D Radeon HD7850 2GB X-Edition
AMD FX-8150 8-Core Processor
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD Max IOPS
Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB HD103SJ
Seasonic X-750 750W Power Supply
Corsair DDR3 4gb (2x2gb) Ram
Older 500gb hd (Can't remember model and brand)

When I load it up I get the following image....
Does anyone have any idea what the first 3 temperatures on the right column in the centre signify?
Does the 59C indicate a problem? Is there any issue with the speed of the fans?
I'm assuming the 128C indicates that there isn't a temperature recorded so it just goes to the maximum. Does that sound right?
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  1. Have you tried to change the fan speed from BIOS? As far as i know speedfan doesnt work on all modern PCs.
  2. Any tips on how to make sure that I don't reduce the fan speed too much so that the cpu overheats?
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    Well most BIOS have a few options for controlling the fan speed and will certainly let you set a temperature to warn you. My limited experience with the 8150 so far is that it is a nice enough cpu, runs hot under load and that the stock cooler will be impossible to live with (barely adequate and I know exactly what you mean by noisy!!).

    I'm looking at better cooling, that is reasonably cheap and preferably not too large, such as the hyper 212 evo etc. Really doesn't help with the lack of decent temperature information about on the FX series, think even AMD is a bit vague about it.
  4. You may have to run the GB utility (Easy Tune?) to properly adjust your fan profiles.

    Spec max temps is 61c --- the lower your volts, the less likely your fans will spin up if you find the 'right' fan profiles for your chip.

    GB motherboards are also quite bad at over-volting which tends to drive up heat and fan RPMs ...
  5. Hmm, thanks for the heads up. I was myself wondering about the voltages for the cpu. My mate has a GB board too and the voltage seems to fluctuate between two values even when it isn't really doing anything (if I recall something like .9 and 1.4). I'll try and keep an eye on this and perhaps fire off a question or two to Gigabyte on the subject.

    I might have a nose around in the BIOS and switch off some of the core boosting stuff. I like to think of myself as pretty seasoned on the pc building front, but even I flinch at the stuff to tweak for these cpus.

    I've heard 61c mentioned a few times, shame that the cooler they provide struggles to keep it under that at stock.
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