CPU cooler, psu and Case upgrade resulting in quick windows Crash

Hello Everyone

I am very frustratet :D i just updated my pc with a few new things

Scythe fenriswolf Case
Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO (replaced the intel stock cooler)
Seasonic 520w psu

My system specs:

Asus p5k p35 s-775 motherboard
intel core 2 quad q9450 2.66ghz
4gb ddr2 800 mhz memory
WD 500gb 7200rpm

now here is where the problem is:

(i haven't reinstalled windows)
Windows screen goes dark 2 seconds 2-3 times quickly after entering and then either just reboots or shows a blue screen of death...

I have monitored the core temps in BIOS to about 39-40 C and a single time with real temp 3.60 to 40-41 in windows, meaning that it did allow me to use windows one time...

Any advice??

I have carefully searched for the reset jumper for cmos on my motherboard, but I'm unable to find it...

best regards

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  1. You can take the battery out for 30 minutes to reset the BIOS.

    Also, does the problem persist if you downgrade again?
  2. Which is kinda strange to me, how would changing a CPU heatsink, case, and Power supply change stability. If i had to blame anything, id blame the Power Supply, since its the most hardware related. You can run a computer off of a Motherboard box so that should change anything, running a CPU on different coolers shouldn't change it either. having a power supply saying it can handle something it really cant.....
  3. Rockdpm said:
    How would changing a CPU heatsink, case, and Power supply change stability?

    If they forget to install the standoffs, that would impact stability, and by impact I mean reduce the chance of successful boot to zero.

    There are many ways that stability can be impacted from a change over.
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