New GTX 570 Problems

Hey guys,

I recently purchaced a new Asus GTX 570 Card, and I also recently posted a thread for help as it was crashing, this was solved simply by uninstalling my old ATI Drivers.

After I uninstalled the ATI Drivers, the card was running perfectly for 1-2 days, and then i turned my computer off and went out, came back and turned my computer on and realised there were blue lines all over my screen, on the loading windows screen, everywhere, and my resolution was as if I had not installed any Nvidia drivers.

So i uninstalled the Nvidia Drivers and then tried to install them again, with no luck as I couldn't reinstall them because the installer could not detect my card. I went to Device manager and it said it could not detect the card, (and i think there was like some error code 43 or something cant exactly remeber the code number.) I uninstalled it off the device manager and this didn't solve anything either.

I checked that the card was installed correctly into the mobo and it was fine. I can't figure out what may have caused it apart from the card going faulty, which is weird how it was fine at one point then suddenly wasn't, and the thing is, I didnt change anything, didn't change settings or anything, so It wasn't an error on my part.

I took the GTX 570 out and put my old ATI Radeon HD 5870 card in so I could actually use my computer, and the blue lines are gone and everything is working with my old card like normal, however this is no good as I plan to sell my old graphics card, and the GTX 570 is much better :P

If you guys have any idea for why this is happening, please reply :)


=System Spec's=

Mobo: Gigabyte P55-US3L
RAM: 8GB G.skill Ripjaws
PSU: Corsair TX950w
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: Intel i7 860 @ 2.80GHz
HDD: 2x1Terabyte SATA HDD's (Total 2 Terabytes.)

(Need other system specs, just reply in this post with the information that you need!)
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  1. Did you ran Driver Sweeper in safe mode to remove Ati drivers leftovers before you installed the new card?
  2. I didn't Run it in safe mode, however when my first issue happened, i just ran it normaly and it seemed to have removed everything and then it was fine, until now where it seems to be a very different issue to my first issue as this is constant blue lines on my screen, my last issue (which can be found here: ) was where it crashed and then blue squares appeared, but not lines. This seems to be a different problem.

    I will try to run driver sweeper in safe mode, however Windows and my computer both cannot detect the GTX card in my computer, which is the problem because I then cant install Nvidia Drivers.
  3. It sounds like maybe your card took a turn for the worst. But I would test it on another rig before doing a rma on it. Here is link to the code 43 It might help you understand what is happing. A code 43 covers most of all your hard wear.
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