Have a look on my CPU i3 530

Hi got this CPU Intel® Core™ i3-530 Processor (4M Cache, 2.93 GHz) and im getting low fps drop in games dunno much about CPU but this are the results on my CPU Z

I just want to know if i need to change my CPU . tnx
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  1. Not sure if I'm correct, but I think your core speed shouldn't be that low.
  2. The FPS is more dependant on the graphics card.What are you getting ?
  3. ive just upgraded from gt 220 nvidia to hd 6870 and i thought fps drop will disapear but still same i can see the diference on this video card its quite good but still fps drops suddenly i think my CPU have some issue and i have no ideea what could be!
  4. my cpu core speed its variable i think because of this i get fps drops and i wish to know how can i put it stable.
  5. I have run a 6870 with an i3 530 and it did not cause any bottleneck for most titles. Your CPU should be sufficient. Which games are you playing? And at what resolution? The 6870 won't be able to max out every title out there, so if you are running into performance problems in Crysis, Metro 2033, or Witcher 2, you'll have to turn some settings down. If you're playing Grand Theft Auto IV, framerate drops are par for the course, as that game doesn't run all that well regardless of what hardware you have.

    There are only a handful of games where your CPU may hold back that graphics card. If you are playing Battlefield 3 on larger multiplayer maps, you pretty much need a quad core in order to get good framerates. Most titles will still run fine with your current CPU though.

    Your speed is normal for idle conditions. SpeedStep will slow down the CPU when it doesn't need to do lots of work to save power. Try checking CPU-Z while a game is running, it should clock up to 2.93GHz. You can disable SpeedStep in your BIOS if you want to lock the clockspeed to maximum.
  6. Im playing Counter strike source a old game and its unplayable i should have 300 fps max with no fps drop but on some open maps i get fps to 40 and its unplayable .. same happens to dota 2
  7. make sure you completely uninstalled the nVidia drivers. check the load on your cpu during game play; if it is less than 99% then it is not your cpu that is the problem.
  8. Just reinstalled windows few times have no nvidia drivers and my cpu is on 40% when i play i dont know what can may be ..
  9. a 40% load on your cpu would mean it is not bottlenecking your performance in anyway.
  10. then what may can be?
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