Turbo boost vs OC i7 3770

I have a couple questions about the 'turbo boost' for the i7 3770 chip (3.4ghz with 3.9 turbo boost)

1. Does an overclocked 3770k still do any 'turbo boosting' ?

2. Does a 3770 thats been OC'd to 3.9 run any smoother than a non-OC'd ?

I was talking about the turbo boost thing with my brother, we understand the power consumption advantages but still agreed that we would rather just have our chip running at 3.9ghz all the time
My i7-3770 idles around 1.6ghz, and then kicks up to 3.9 under load, but how does the CPU know its under load? To me it seems like that the CPU has to hit a wall of sorts/become backed up to even trigger this, which means a moment of lag would still occur.
How can the processor know it needs more processing power unless its noticeably experiencing some resistance... right?

Which makes me think a chip OC'd to be a constant 3.9 would run noticeably smoother/faster for all tasks.
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  1. I don't notice any lag from SpeedStep on my i7-920 and the newer chip I would think is even more sophisticated.


    1. you can choose to disable turbo if you want to. If you don't it will turbo boost from 3.9 to 4.3 GHz I think, at least that's what my older 920 does.

    2. No, not really. It might be faster in some tasks where turbo wouldn't activate but not any "smoother".
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