Am i the only one ?

Hey all hope u are fine:)

So i installed Win7 RC 64bit but my gaming performance isnt very well :(
before i tell the results,here are my sys specs:

Q6600 @ 3.4
ATI HD 4870X2 Stock

And the driver i am using is the latest WHQL driver available from AMD which is 8.612

3DMARK 06:
XP SP2: 19500
VISTA 64 SP1:18900
WIN 7 RC 64 : 16500

i though its fine since 3DMARK 06 is an old software.

First of all couldnt even run this game,when i clicked on it a blank page opened and when i was expecting to see the game it crashed to windows with no errors so i had to use compatibility mode,and the game ran i got 15 FPS lower compared to Vista 64 SP1.i tried patching the game and it didnt help.

Games benchmark tool(Same setting used in both OS )

Win 7 RC1 64:

Minimum:41.36 FPS
Average: 61.71 FPS
Maximum:94.77 FPS

My average FPS was fine but my min FPS was lower(4-5 FPS)

STALKER CS:The only game that ran with no performance hit was this.

I read many web/user reviews and all of them got more FPS in Win 7 RC,so why are my results like this :(
Does anyone has a tip ?
What shall i do ?
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  1. On one of my PCs, just like you I get low fps for Crysis with RC1 but not with the Beta.
    E6600 @3.1Ghz
    640GB WD
    2*120GB Seagate in RAID
    6GB DDR2 800
    Vista x64 Home Premium/ Win7 x64
    How ever, 3DMark scores don't seem to be affected in my case. All other PCs have a bit of an improvement compared to Vista SP1. I think this has to do with some background programs or similer case.
  2. I dont run any programs when gaming except for XFIRE.
  3. Sorry Maziar i cant offer anything solid as a sugestion. All i know is that the posts that have complained of issues with performance i have seen are mostly running at least Dual cards and sometime quad set ups.
    Im not sure if its the Drivers or something withing W7 itself. Its interesting to note that a rig with quad 4870's scored a WEI of 6.2 and my single 4770 scores 6.4. Now i dont know how relevant the WEI is to how the machine performs in the real world but its clearly reading something wrong.
    If i hear anything i will let you know.

  4. Although my WEI score is bad, my gaming and benchmark performance is fine. 3dmark actually is faster in 7 than in Vista for me, and games seem roughly unchanged. I'm using Catalyst 9.4 (not the 8.612 WHQL driver).
  5. thanks mac and cjl :)
    Well i think i will use 9.4 instead,so u guys say its a driver problem ?
  6. I have no idea if it's a driver problem, since I haven't tried the 8.612, but the first thing I would do in your position is try the standard 9.4 or 9.5 drivers :)
  7. OK i will try that too thanks :)
  8. Did a fresh install and used new drivers and bingo :) thanks alot for all the help guys :)
    here is my review of it :D
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